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Descenders Is an Extreme Mountain Biking Game Riding onto PS4 This Year – Push Square

All downhill from here

Descenders PS4 PlayStation 4

Descenders has actually been around in one form or another for a good few years, but now it’s finally making the leap onto PlayStation 4. If you aren’t aware, it’s a game all about riding your trusty mountain bike all the way down to the bottom of a treacherous trail. The key twist here is that stages are procedurally generated, resulting in new courses to tackle each time you play.

It reminds us of the quietly excellent Lonely Mountains: Downhill, although the two games have wildly different styles. While the polygonal indie title is rather serene, Descenders has more of an extreme sports edge, and is played from behind the character rather than a bird’s eye view. It’s been available on PC and Xbox One for a while, but it’s coming to PS4 this Spring in both digital and physical forms.

Will you be dodging trees in Descenders when it cycles onto PS4? Take off your stabilisers in the comments below.