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Christmas present ideas for cyclists – South China Morning Post

As Christmas approaches at warp speed we offer up some last-minute gift ideas for the adventurous cyclist in your life.

Skipping the latest and greatest products, we flag some time-proven ideas that lean towards the practical side, and which almost every cyclist would be sure to benefit from.

Mavic Allroad short-sleeved jersey

This top and its subtle two-tone air force blue colouring make it hard for anybody not to take a shine to it.

This classically styled jersey is loose fitting, has a lapel and button collar, a small zip chest pocket and the regular three rear pockets.

It’s made with a woven and wind-resistant upper section and a Merino blended bottom half, making it inconspicuous, stylish, forgiving on a fuller torso, good for off-bike wear and easy to hand wash and dry on travels.

The Mavic Allroad short-sleeved jersey is the perfect gift for cyclists. Photo: Steve Thomas

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive pump

Mini pumps may well be light and inconspicuous, but when you have a flat tyre you will find yourself cursing them as your arms pound with seemingly endless pumping.

Enter the Micro Floor Drive, a pump with the same output capacity as a mini pump, an attachable hose and fold-down floor stand – meaning that you can inflate a tyre with both hands in half the time.

Cycling cap

Thanks to the rebranding of cycling, the cap has made a retro-inspired comeback.

They are an incredibly versatile garment.

When forward facing, they keep the sun and rain from your eyes and when reversed they shade your neck and keep sweat away from your eyes. They can be worn underneath helmets or on their own, in hot or cold weathers.

You can find them in most bike shops and also online – although do avoid the cheap offerings from mainstream websites, as they usually have awful plastic peak inserts.


These tiny and stretchy fabric tubes are so simple, yet extremely useful and versatile. 

They make great headbands in both hot and cold weather, are perfect skullcaps for wearing beneath helmets, ideal winter neck warmers, neck sun shields, lens clothes and mini towels, and even moonlight as makeshift bandages.

No travelling cyclist can have too many, although avoid the cheap copies and freebies; they do not stretch or wick the same as a genuine Buff or other branded options.


Socks have become a huge deal in cycling – and whatever kind of rider you are, what you wear on your feet makes a statement, even if you’re not aware of exactly what that is.

Quality socks have made a huge difference to foot comfort and health in recent years, especially when you’re riding long distances and travelling.

No cyclist can have too many quality cycling socks.


Turning bikes upside down to clean or fix really is not a good option for your body or your bike. A decent workstand can last a cycling lifetime, and make après ride clean-up chores and maintenance so much easier.

There are various styles out there, and fold-up options are popular with travelling cycling mechanics and those who do not have a permanent garage or workspace. If you do have room, a heavier stand with a rotating top clamp is the best choice.

Professional bike fit

Once upon a time, bike fitting was all but reserved for pro and elite bike racers, but now anybody can get fitted and checked out in most cities around the world.

It really does not matter whether you’re newbie or a seasoned pro, a professional and knowledgeable bike fit will probably be of great benefit to you. You may assure that being bike fitted is about going faster. However, the biggest benefits of a bike fit are in addressing potential and current issues and problems that can become serious physical complaints over time and also in advising on what you need to do to make your riding more efficient and comfortable.