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Bike of the week: Niner MCR – Road Bike Action

While we were the first to ride the Niner MCR before Sea Otter 2019, it was still not finalized. Now that it’s available and we have a production bike in hand the real testing has started. The Niner has performed very well on our local terrain that has been hammered with rain leaving the soil unstable and rain ruts crossing the roads everywhere.

The suspension is much stiffer than you would get on a mountain bike holding you high in the stroke. Cornering is where we see a lot of benefits as it allows the tires to maintain contact with the ground and hold lines that would otherwise have been too bumpy. The static weight is much higher than rigid bikes in the same price range but honestly, all the test riders but one have been impressed with how light and nimble it feels while riding.

Niner is offering seven build options with prices ranging from $4700 to $8200. Our test bike is the MCR 9 RDO 4-STAR SHIMANO GRX 800 2X for $5900.

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