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The Amy D. Foundation (ADF) is delighted to announce the addition of Anna Dorovskikh as a guest rider for the remainder of the domestic cyclocross season.

Dorovskikh joined Emily Shields representing ADF at the November North Carolina Grand Prix. Dorovskikh will also join Amy D. Cyclocross Racing at the upcoming U.S. Nationals, racing among the Elites.

Anna Dorovskikh will be riding as a guest rider with the Amy D. Foundation at Lakewood Nationals. © Angelica Dixon

Dorovskikh is a native of Novosibirsk, Russia. Her family immigrated to Colorado in 2002, when she was 10 years old. Dorovskikh is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder with a bachelor’s in business Spanish and environmental studies. She currently works at Colorado-Boulder in the HR department as the final approver for hires.

Dorovskikh’s history as a cyclist is a relatively short one. She began cycling in 2015 and started cyclocross in 2016.

Dorovskikh is a true student of the sport. She was self-coached for much of her development as a rider and enjoys the science of training. She describes her beginnings in the sport.

“The last semester of my Senior year (2015) of college, I took a spin class and the spin bikes were equipped with Stages power meters. The instructor had us perform an FTP test at the beginning of the semester. As the weeks went by, we followed structured workouts. Then we took another FTP test at the end of the semester. The whole experience was very fascinating and I loved seeing my fitness progression represented in numbers.”

Dorovskikh’s first cross race was the 2016 Colorado U.S. Open of Cyclocross, where she raced among the beginners. She has since progressed, scoring top 10 finishes both days of the North Carolina Grand Prix last month while supported by the Amy D. Cyclocross program.

“It was such a nice change of pace, especially since both days saw muddy conditions with the second day being worse than the first,” Dorovskikh said. “Had I not had ADF support, I wouldn’t have finished the race on day two. After the first lap, we pitted every half lap and if I had raced on just one bike the whole time, the mud would have caked, slowing me down and ruining all sorts of bike parts. After each race, my bikes were taken apart, thoroughly washed, and parts re-greased. The level of care and attention that went into my bikes and the weekend as a whole was beyond my expectations. I am so grateful to have had this kind of support.”

Amy D. Foundation’s Cyclocross Team Manager Mo Bruno Roy said, “Dorovskikh is a great example of a racer who benefits from the support of ADF programming. She works full time and has limited funds and time off to race. Being able to offer her the support she needs to race 100% without the worries of every other detail will hopefully help her meet and exceed her 2019 goals.”

With only Nationals left on Dorovskikh’s plate for this season, she’s fully focused on doing everything she can to have a good race there: “I aim to use the time leading up to the race wisely, dialing in my sleep, practicing my weaknesses on the bike and controlling the factors I have control over.”

Anna Dorovskikh will be riding as a guest rider with the Amy D. Foundation at Lakewood Nationals. © Brent Murphy

Amy D. Foundation is delighted to provide this worthy rider with the opportunity to “Ride Like Amy D” at U.S. Nationals.

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