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The Trailist: McAllister Park Offers Fast, Fun Off-Road Bike Trails – Rivard Report

After four years of riding off-road at McAllister Park in north central San Antonio, it feels like an old friend, and it’s always gratifying seeing friends change for the better. 

McAllister Park was the first place I rode after moving to San Antonio from Pennsylvania in 2015, and will always feel like the center of my mountain bike life here. I remember marveling then at the low-slung, twisting live oak branches that sometimes form perfect keyholes over the trail. At the time, I had never seen trees like that. 

Since then, navigating McAllister Park has gotten much easier. South Texas Off-Road Mountain Bikers, with funding from REI, have installed new trail signs at the crucial crossings. Aside from being useful markers, they’re signs of progress in San Antonio’s growing mountain bike scene. During the summer, serious riders hold time trial races on the property. 

On Monday, I set out to ride as much of the park’s entire trail network as I could. I typically park near the entrance off Jones Maltsberger Road. I’ve always chuckled at the name of the street leading out of the park’s entrance: Money Tree.