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UCI World Road Cycling Championships 2019 route map: Yorkshire road closures, dates, times and full race schedule – iNews

The UCI Road World Cycling Championships are heading to the UK, with a series of exciting road races throughout Yorkshire from 21 to 29 September.

With time trials, road races and para-cycling, top cyclists will compete in a variety of events offering plenty of opportunities to catch a glimpse of the action along the routes.

Here is all the information you need about the upcoming events, including dates, routes and road closures.

What are the routes and when are the races?

Men’s Elite Time Trial – 25 September (Northallerton – Harrogate, 54km)

Kicking off at 1.10pm, the race will see riders head southwest from Northallerton, and mix up sprints and climbs throughout the challenging route, finishing at Parliament Street in Harrogate.

Men’s Elite Individual Time Trial (Image: UCI Road World Championships)

Women’s Elite Time Trial (Same As Mens U23 Time Trial) – 24 September (Ripon – Harrogate, 30km)

The routes for both races are identical, with 12km of flat ground at the start and an uphill finish in Harrogate. The women’s race starts at 2.40pm, while the men’s U23 starts at 10.10am.

Women’s Elite Time Trial and Men’s U23 Time Trial. (Image: UCI Road World Championships)

Men’s Elite Road Race – 29 September (Leeds – Harrogate [7 Laps], 285km)

Starting at 8.40am, competitors will ride through the Yorkshire Dales, take on a series of climbs and then do seven laps of Harrogate.

Men’s Elite Road Race (Image: UCI Road World Championships)

Women’s Elite Road Race – 28 September (Bradford – Harrogate [3 Laps], 150km)

Kicking off at 11.40am, the women’s elite peloton will travel from Bradford, up to the Yorkshire Dales and then south towards Harrogate, where they will finish with three laps.

Women’s Elite Road Race (Image: UCI Road World Championships)

Men’s U23 Road Race – 27 September (Doncaster – Harrogate [3 Laps], 193km)

With a 2.10pm start, the race begins with 90km of flat ground followed by challenging climbs at Blazefield Bank and at Greenhow Hill.

Men’s U23 Road Race (Image: UCI Road World Championships)

Yorkshire Para-cycling International – 21 September (Beverley – Harrogate, 106km)

This is the first time a para-cycling race will happen at the same time as the the UCI Road World Championship.

It will see riders with different classifications, including those riding tandem, on bicycles, on tricycles and on handcycles, competing in a race from three different start points (BeverleyTadcaster and Wetherby), all finishing in Harrogate.

Times are yet to be confirmed.

Yorkshire 2019 Para-cycling International (Image: UCI Road World Championships)

Full maps for all of the other races can be found here. Details are subject to change so check the official website for the most up to date information.

What is the full schedule for the event?

The UCI 2019 Road World Championships schedule is as follows:

Saturday 21 September
Yorkshire 2019 Para-cycling International (Beverley – Harrogate)
Yorkshire 2019 Para-cycling International – Tadcaster (Tadcaster – Harrogate)
Yorkshire 2019 Para-cycling International – Wetherby 41km (Wetherby – Harrogate)
Yorkshire 2019 Para-cycling International – Wetherby 28km (Wetherby – Harrogate)

Sunday 22 September
Team Time Trial Mixed Relay, 13:10 – 15:37 (Harrogate – Harrogate, 2 Laps)

Monday 23 September
Women’s Junior Individual Time Trial, 10:10 – 11:22 (Harrogate – Harrogate, 1 Lap)
Men’s Junior Individual Time Trial, 13:10 – 16:41 (Harrogate – Harrogate, 2 Laps)

Tuesday 24 September
Men’s U23 Individual Time Trial, 10:10 – 12:29 (Ripon – Harrogate)
Women’s Elite Individual Time Trial, 14:40 – 16:45 (Ripon – Harrogate)

Wednesday 25 September
Men’s Elite Individual Time Trial, 13:10 – 16:04 (Northallerton – Harrogate)

Thursday 26 September
Men’s Junior Road Race, 12:10 – 15:25 (Richmond – Harrogate)

Friday 27 September
Women’s Junior Road Race, 08:40 – 11:05 (Doncaster – Harrogate)
Men’s U23 Road Race, 14:10 – 19:21 (Doncaster – Harrogate, 3 Laps)

Saturday 28 September
Women’s Elite Road Race, 11:40 – 15:36 (Bradford – Harrogate, 3 Laps)

Sunday 29 September
Men’s Elite Road Race, 08:40 – 15:49 (Leeds – Harrogate, 7 Laps)

See the UCI 2019 Road World Championships website for the most up to date information and timings.

Will there be road closures and where can I watch?

As with most major events on public streets, there will be road closures.

For a full details of which roads will be shut and when, head to the North Yorkshire County Council website.

The event is free to watch and spectators are expected to line the routes – for more information of some of the best viewing spots, head here.

A fan zone is also going to pop up in Harrogate on The Stray near the finish line, complete with big screens to watch the action, live performances, activities, and food and drinks available.