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Lincoln native breaks cycling world record – 1011now

LINCOLN, Neb. – Lincoln native and Olympic cyclist Ashton Lambie is on his way back to the United States after winning a world title and breaking a world record.

(Source: KOLN).

It all happened at the 2019 Pan-American Track Cycling Championships in Bolivia.

Lambie broke the Individual Pursuit World Record for the third time, twice in less than 12 hours, shaving nearly a second off of his previous time.

We spoke with Lambie who says it feels great.

“So you just kind of have a sense of this ride is going really well I feel really good, and then you get done you cross the finish line and look up at the score board it’s just like yeah, it’s crazy to see that time and have it keep coming down,” said Lambie.

As for what’s next, Lambie tells 10/11 NOW, for the first time in months, he will be back home on Monday and he just wants to eat Valentino’s pizza.

Then in a few months, he will be headed back on the road where he hopes to secure a spot at the Tokyo Olympics.