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3rd Annual Women’s Only Mountain Bike Weekend – WSAW

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)– A weekend long trip of mountain biking is no easy feat, but the women of the central Wisconsin off-road cycling coalition are up for the task. Friday the 28th, 50 women will start their journey at Nine Mile County Forest, and embark on a three day mountain biking trip through some of Wausau’s best trails.

The third annual Central Wisconsin Off-Road Cycling Coalition Women’s Mountain Bike Weekend is for new to intermediate riders who want to improve their mountain biking skills and better their relationship with themselves. The event is for women 13 and older and will be led by certified coaches and local trail experts. The weekend looks to educate and build confidence in like-minded women. Rebecca Tulley who has organized the event for the last three years said that this weekend is all about women pushing their own limits to achieve what they once thought was impossible.

“When I have a group of women who are out here learning and tell them this is what where going to do. They look at me and the coaches like they’re crazy. And then they do it, and they’re like oh my gosh I did it! And it’s just fun to see women have that newfound confidence,” Tulley explained.

Tulley said after the weekend is over she always feels like she learned more about herself than the mountain bike.

“It’s bittersweet but as the organizer and now this year the coach I’m usually exhausted, but it is such a good feeling to come home like you’ve accomplished so much.”

Throughout the weekend the women will cover a wide range of topics from both on and off the trail bike maintenance to personal fitness. Group rides will take place on the technical cross country trails at Nine Mile County Forest and the downhill trails at Sylvan Hill Bike Park.

Tulley said that there are still about 10 spots open for this weekend. To register Click Here.