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Mountain Bike Rotorua targeted by vandals but still thinking of others – New Zealand Herald

An iconic Rotorua mountain biking business has been hit by vandals during the lockdown.

But the owners are paying it forward after “dozens” of offers of help.

Mountain Bike Rotorua, owned and managed by Tak and Tu Mutu, was targeted by vandals twice this week.

The first round of vandalism and theft was on Thursday at the Nursery Rd shuttle pick-up area at Whakawerawera Forest.


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The second was at the other shuttle pick-up area on Hill Rd, last night.

Posts were cut, signs were damaged and destroyed, and timber and rails were stolen.

Tak Mutu said the damage was “pretty s*** but the support from Rotorua has been amazing”.

“We’ve had literally dozens and dozens of messages of support and [offers of] help, from providing cash to supplies and labour.”

Tak said he and Tu were “super appreciative and grateful for that support” but said they’d “take this one on the chin, claim insurance on what we can and rebuild better than before”.

“Instead, we ask that people support local charities and businesses and they can support us by being kind and maybe come down and buy the occasional coffee.”

The vandalism has been reported to police.